“What do you have to lose?”
Thus Spake Zarathustra!
Well, Sarah Palin, of revered memory, might have responded:
“How’s it working out for ya?”
The Wall—ah yes, a metaphor for all that is good and wholesome about this great country. China has its Great Wall—why shouldn’t we have ours?
And what about the Berlin Wall?
Once you get started on this it’s hard to stop. Just like cashews—or chips. But there is something unlovely about walls.
Steve Bannon has performed a great service.
Thank you, Steve.
We all had a lot of thoughts about The Wall, but a scam? Only as folly—for most of us, but we altogether lacked Steverino’s wit and verve.
Now we have The Wall as a fitting symbol of The Don’s little enterprise—as well as the answer to his wonderful question.
The scam has everything—even a war hero exploiting his patriotism. A new level of tawdry. How would you like to be among the list of donors?
And Giuliani?
Where is he in all this?
Really, don’t you miss him?
Have you even thought about him?
How quickly we forget.
But he did surface briefly at Joe Trump’s funeral. A merry band at what, for anyone else on this planet, should have been an occasion of sadness.
This was a man who, in the style of Caligula elevating his horse to Roman Senator, named his chauffeur Police Commissioner, only to watch his acolyte go to prison for another heroic deed.
The mind reels.
The Don has, single handedly, given us a nation we cannot recognize. The triumph of the Nerds. Opera Buffa at its best.
How ironic is it that the head of the police union admires our hero?
This charmer is likely to experience an undeserved triumph if the four Floyd cops are reinstated because feckless officials fired them outside of due process. To say nothing of how much your pocket will be picked following a settlement. All of this, dear reader, was avoidable—as I hope and pray my life illustrates.
A terrible Chinese curse is “May you live in interesting times.”
Is that provocative or what?
We geezers hang out just to see how all this weirdness turns out.
November Third is a big day.
And still—and still, some idiots won’t bother to vote.
How’s that working out for ya?
What’ve you got to lose?
Let’s not forget Giuliani—wherever he is. (The bunker? Shades of Adolph!) He ran for president. He might’ve been an improvement.

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