NENA wants to connect

The Nokomis East Neighborhood Association (NENA) is supporting a new resident-led initiative: Nokomis East Neighbor-to-Neighbor Communication Project. The project will assess the level of neighbor-to-neighbor communication preparedness in Nokomis East and will implement three communication strategies:
Strategy 1) Establish a temporary online communication tool (a Slack workspace) run by trained neighborhood volunteers for times requiring fast neighbor-to-neighbor communication;
Strategy 2) Support and promote established social media channels for neighbor-to-neighbor communication (i.e., Nokomis East Information Sharing Facebook Group and Next-Door); and
Strategy 3) NENA to establish a temporary communication network with block club leaders to share information during times requiring fast neighbor-to-neighbor communication.
The recent uptick in carjackings and home burglaries in South Minneapolis has made some neighbors nervous about their neighborhood. It hasn’t affected housing values, and anyone wanting to leave has found eager buyers who want to move in, but it doesn’t hurt to get connected to your neighbors if at some point you want to call on them.
To sign up, call NENA at 612-724-5652.

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