Compliments on Return of the Dish – Letter to the Editor

I’m writing to compliment the excellent writing of Debra Ramage in the June 2021 Powderhorn Edition of your excellent paper (which I’m reading now at the Cardinal Bar). I think Debra is a succinct, thoughtful, and funny writer. I appreciated her profiles of restaurants I have passed many times, but never tried. Her piece encouraged me to get outside my comfort zone and try something new.
I also want to thank her for speaking her thoughts on Surly’s management. I also think the management’s response to the union drive was despicable. However, even if she had stated support of the management, I would still have enjoyed her column. I like to know the politics of the writers I read, even if it means reading things I don’t always agree with. It’s why I appreciate your paper, and the writing you feature. Ramage also, constructively, highlighted a different brewery as an alternative, which I’m excited to try.
Thanks for her column, and your paper. Looking forward to reading it for years to come.

Nik Nerburn, from Standish

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