Vote yes on Government Structure Charter Amendment – Letter to the Editor

Minneapolis residents have inherited a convoluted system borne out of early 20th century mistrust. No one trusted anyone so no one was given power. This resulting quagmire has hampered our democratic functions as “14 bosses” oversee city department heads and no one is held accountable.
The new amendment would give the mayor executive authority to appoint and hold accountable all department heads and the City Council the legislative role of establishing policy, auditing the mayoral functions, and continuing to provide constituent services. The Government Structure amendment would bring Minneapolis’s governance into the 21st century, reflecting other cities of the first order like St. Paul, Duluth and Rochester, increasing our ability to attract mayoral candidates of the highest quality like Melvin Carter, Emily Larson and George Latimer. This Charter Amendment will not establish a “strong mayor” system, rather a regular mayor system with checks and balances like our state and federal government. I encourage you to do your own research by visiting the Charter for Change website,, and join me in voting “yes” for the Government Structure amendment this fall. Early voting starts Friday, Sept. 17!

Catherine Jordan

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