Love your neighborhood


I read a sign recently that said: “You are our neighbors … no matter who you vote for, your skin color, where you are from, your faith or who you love. We will do all we can to be there for you.”
The words reminded me of how grateful I am for my neighborhood and our block club that we started 30 years ago. We know that there is unity in community and by knowing the names of everyone, including the kids, babies and animals, we feel good about where we live. If any undesirable energy does occur, our neighbors are alerted. Cameras have helped in providing the police with details.
The National Night Out event in August was a fun time. Fifty neighbors, some from across the alley, enjoyed the evening with us. We missed some neighbors, but the good news is that they started their own block club just one block away. We had tasty food, many treats and many gift cards to give away, thanks to the generosity of our local restaurants and coffee shops. Inspector Gomez, our Third Precinct Inspector, stopped by to visit and he also had the opportunity to speak Spanish with two of our neighbors. He handed out soccer balls to the kids and threw a couple of football passes to our teenagers.
I wish that there was a way to emphasize the importance of knowing your neighbors and taking care of each other during the rough times (like the COVID pandemic and the 2020 riots) and also through the good times. We trust that we are always there for each other.
Starting a block club takes a little time but it is not difficult. You need to be willing to knock on doors. The potential is there to recognize and appreciate the value in knowing your neighbors.



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