Our Revolution City Council priorities

At its Dec. 2 General Membership Meeting, Our Revolution Twin Cities agreed to six priorities for the new City Council:

1. Policing: Make $50 million of the police budget contingent on them voluntarily adopting a civilian review board to review cases of misconduct whose recommendations would be implemented in every case.

2. Housing: Invest $50 million to create more affordable housing and community land trusts, implement rent control, fine vacant bank-owned properties, strengthen protections for tenants including the right of first refusal.

3. Immigrant Rights: Adopt MIRAc’s platform to protect immigrant communities including implementing a municipal ID, and creating a legal fund to pay for legal representation for immigrants detained by ICE.

4. City Attorney: Replace City Attorney Susan Segal, who made legal arguments in favor of the Vikings stadium and sued the $15 Now coalition to prevent a ballot initiative on $15; pursued heavy handed charges against peaceful activists; and prevented the disclosure of data necessary to hold police accountable.

5. Climate Change: Fully fund and strengthen the Minneapolis Clean Energy Partnership to support a just transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

6. Free Tuition: Promote and expand free tuition in Minneapolis to include as many students as possible and engage as many stakeholders as possible in the process.

PHOTO CAPTION: Council Member Andrew Johnson speaks to a membership meeting of Our Revolution Saturday, Dec. 2.

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