The corner of 38th and Chicago is forever changed


As talk about relocating the George Floyd memorial continues, the corner where he was killed by police has evolved to become less a place of mourning and more of a place of celebration—a celebration of community and a celebration of the memory of George Floyd. And, there is a clear focus on the long-overlooked understanding of the need to change cultural attitudes toward people of color.
On Saturday afternoons until Sept. 5, people are welcome to visit and to share a summer afternoon at ReImagine 38th Street, at 38th Street and Chicago Avenue and to join the celebration.
People come to see the memorial of flowers with its votive candles and teddy bears, admire pieces of street art, share a meal with friends, browse tents selling BLM T-shirts, stop by an outdoor food shelf or join in a pick-up basketball game. There’s still time to become part of this unique experience. It’s something you will be able to tell your


Medical tent giving free BP and other services to the community

Black Lives Matter T-shirt sales

The bus shelter becomes a place for sharing art and meaning.

volunteers with Twin Cities Relief Initiative distribute food and much needed household supplies, no questions asked, at the closed Speedway station at 38th and Chicago Ave. as a way to honor George Floyd.

Reimagine 38th

Sharing with those in need is a way of protest, too.

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