Notes from the desk of peace activist Polly Mann (b. Nov. 19, 1919)

Mexican children incarcerated at the U.S. border

Some Central American children coming into the United States are being stopped at the border and are being returned by the U.S. Border Patrol to Mexico or placed in custody. The transfer is contrary to both U.S. policy and an outstanding diplomatic agreement with Mexico, which does not allow children from other countries who are traveling without adult guardians to be returned to Mexico. However, the Trump administration has shut down the border to most asylum applicants because of the coronavirus. The number of children expelled is unclear because the Mexican government has not provided such information. A border patrol agent stated that his agency had been directed to contact the Mexican consular office each time an unauthorized child who was not Mexican was expelled. Lawyers from KIND, an immigrant advocacy organization, reported some Central American children were expelled into Mexico and were still there. Some parents have had to wait days or weeks to find out if their children, without their consent, were still in custody there.

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