Opportunity for change on MPS school board -Letter to the Editor

Through this tumultuous year in Minneapolis Public Schools, an opportunity for real change has emerged through five open seats on the MPS school board. Voting for three of these open seats can be directly impacted by the readers of this local newspaper: former MPS math teacher Lori Norvell running for District 5, plus two at-large candidates, Collin Beachy and Kerry Jo Felder.
All three of these candidates were endorsed at the Minneapolis DFL convention on May 15 and have been endorsed by MFT 59 and the ESP union. Additionally, Lori Norvell has been endorsed by the Stonewall DFL and the MN Senior DFL caucus. These three, along with two other DFL-endorsed candidates for Districts 1 and 3, have joined forces to form the “Safe and Stable Schools Slate.”

Joy Misselt,
Campaign Co-Manager for Lori Norvell’s District 5 school board campaign

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