In response to Polly Mann’s “Arms manufacturing leads to war”

Polly Mann’s article (all editions of June 2017) is an accurate equation of what leads to war (greed for power/money).  Who supplies the weapons (greedy, wealthy manufacturers).  Who is purposely left uneducated and unemployed and becomes eager to be paid something for being trained in handling of weapons and killing an “enemy” (the young, uneducated and unemployed “youth” of the nation—never the educated and employed).  The same answer for question #3, who gets killed, at best, or blown up but some parts survive and are maimed for life either in body and or spirit?  #4 Whose hearts are broken and also torn apart by war (The mothers and fathers of the soldiers on BOTH sides of the war).
Parents, help save your children. Vote no to all who support war.
Protest against war actively.


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