Lake Hiawatha clean-up

The Lake Hiawatha Earth Day Clean Up was held on Saturday, April 23.

From Friends of Lake Hiawatha Facebook page:

320 pounds of trash and 102 volunteers! THANK YOU!

Hosted by Friends of Lake Hiawatha, Gay4Good, Northern Coffee Works, Bakers Wife and @MPRB volunteers.
Wow! The day started out with a hailstorm! We waited out the storm, the weather got better, and we headed out to clean up trash from Lake Hiawatha. Despite the rough beginning, 102 volunteers showed up and we removed 320 pounds of plastic trash from Lake Hiawatha. We came up 100 pounds short of reaching the 10,000-pound milestone. Families and kids, neighbors and a dog named Stormy picked up the

Sean Connaughty

shards of plastic, wrappers, cigarette butts and cigarillo tips, plastic bottles, bottle caps, styrofoam, plastic shipping straps, ziploc bags, and plastic flossing picks littering the shore of Lake Hiawatha. We were not able to get anywhere near all the trash out of the lake and we will need to expand our cleanup efforts in the following weeks to get out the new trash arrivals. Volunteers actually watched trash streaming out of the 43rd Street pipe after the gully washer we had this morning. We also saw swans, some mergansers, a hawk, a heron and lots of songbirds
People can join us Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to noon. Instead of meeting at the rec center, we meet up at the Lake Hiawatha Delta Habitat area and clean up trash and/or work on stewarding the lake and habitat.
Thanks so much to all the Friends of Lake Hiawatha, Hiawatha4All, Gay4Good, Northern Coffee and Baker’s Wife for sponsoring the Earth Day Cleanup event! We all got free coffee and donuts thanks to Baker’s Wife and Northern Coffee!
Thank you, and see you at the lake!
– Friends of Lake Hiawatha

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