Ed Felien

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Ed has been the owner and editor of Southside Pride since 1991, writing articles and essays.

Monsters at Modern Times

BY ED FELIEN What is this guy thinking? Raj Bunnag makes monsters come alive and leap off the page at you, and he uses pen and ink, black on white printmaking and wood block carvings to create a horror that seems lurking behind the public manners of everyday life. The…

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Good-bye Karen Clark and Susan Allen . . . and thanks

BY ED FELIEN Shocked! South Minneapolis was shocked to learn last month that Karen Clark and Susan Allen have both decided not to seek re-election in 2018. Clark was first elected in 1980. She’s served 19 terms. The Farmer-Labor Association decided to challenge the incumbent South Minneapolis State Senator Steve…

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The light of liberation

BY ED FELIEN Jews were always revolting. When they revolted against the Persian King Nebuchadnezzar around 600 BC he carried the leaders of the rebellion off to Babylon. In exile for 70 years they studied in one of the great libraries of the ancient world and came up with their…

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BY ED FELIEN In 1970 I was publishing Hundred Flowers, a weekly underground newspaper, an anti-war, anti-racist, early feminist, psychedelic fun rag that sold for a quarter. Some people were having a demonstration somewhere on Harriet Avenue protesting the demolition of houses to make room for a two-and-a-half story walk-up…

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We need a new city attorney

BY ED FELIEN This is the interregnum—that period between regimes, when the new government begins to organize themselves and the old government packs up and leaves. The new City Council will be deciding who will be president, who will be majority leader and who will head up the various committees.…

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BY ED FELIEN Congratulations to Jacob Frey on winning the mayor’s race. He ran a marathon and made it look like a sprint. He’s charming and he has infectious energy. He promises to be the most accessible mayor, ever. He even published his cell phone number on campaign posters: 612-968-4443.…

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Southside Pride Sample Ballot

Mayor Ray Dehn City Council Ward 6: Mohamud Noor Ward 8: Andrea Jenkins Ward 9: Alondra Cano Ward 12: Andrew Johnson Park Board At-Large Meg Forney, Mike Derus, Charlie Casserly Park Board District 3 Charles Exner or Abdi Gurhan Mohamed Park Board District 5 Bill Shroyer

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Honey Badger don’t give a damn!

BY ED FELIEN Honey Badger don’t give a damn. ‘bout who you are or who I am. Honey Badger don’t give a damn.   Get out of his way.  He’s off the rails. He’s acting crazy.  He can’t be stopped. He’s gonna take it over the top.   Honey Badger…

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BY ED FELIEN Before the Open Meeting Law, politicians decided destinies in smoke-filled rooms. Of course, that was also before the laws against smoking indoors. After the election, I was invited by Louis DeMars to a meeting at the Leamington Hotel to organize city government: free food, free booze, lots…

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The future of Hiawatha Golf Course

BY ED FELIEN Hiawatha Golf Course got a stay of execution. The Park Board rescinded its motion to stop pumping at Hiawatha Golf Course in three years and moved the date up to five years. So, now, in five years, the Park Board will ask the Department of Natural Resources…

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