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Food, art, and food art on Chicago Avenue

BY DEBRA KEEFER RAMAGE The corner of 38th Street and Chicago Avenue is a little world of its own. There is a strange mixture in the businesses there, a clash between the quotidian and the exotic, the aspirational and the gritty. It’s not all art and food, but there are…

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Grand Avenue shines in Saint Paul

BY DEBRA KEEFER RAMAGE Grand Avenue is widely thought to hold some of the best shopping and dining venues in Saint Paul. Grand Avenue starts in the west near the gates of St. Thomas University, and stretches eastward several miles, passing by the Macalester campus in the Mac-Groveland neighborhood, going…

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Open Streets on Franklin Avenue

BY DEBRA KEEFER RAMAGE This year Franklin Avenue’s Open Streets celebration will be on Aug. 27, at the usual times: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The boundaries of the Franklin Avenue festival are Portland Avenue in the west and 32nd Avenue in the east (four blocks longer than last year).…

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America’s police are still out of control

BY TONY BOUZA I wrote a piece in this space years ago with that title (excluding “still”), and the passing years have only deepened and confirmed that view. And how many objections/refutations did I receive for such an outlandish claim? Zip. Well, save your pennies, because your pocket is about…

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A new police chief?

BY ED FELIEN We do not need a change of the Palace Guard. Replacing the chief of police is not the solution to the problem with the Minneapolis Police Department. The problem is there is no accountability. The MPD officers believe they are above the law. They believe their badge…

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‘Young people speakin’ their minds Getting so much resistance from behind It’s time we stop Hey, what’s that sound? Everybody look – what’s going down?’ –Stephen Stills ‘Social clubs in drag disguise’ –Bob Dylan

BY ED FELIEN And they burned the bridges behind them. A new generation came to take their place, so they fought back.  They wore the machinery down; ground the process to dust; exhausted them; outlasted them, and they remained intact. The DFL establishment that ran the City DFL Convention was…

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FROM WHERE I STAND: Short observations

BY POLLY MANN CEO pay may not be quite as high as it once was, but the numbers still dwarf the pay earned by the typical worker. Chief executives of America’s 350 largest companies made an average of $15.6 million in 2016, or 271 times more than what the typical worker…

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Save Hiawatha Golf Course

BY ED FELIEN At its meeting on Aug.9, the Park Board will hear a recommendation from staff to close Hiawatha Golf Course and turn it into Camp Swampy, a wetlands theme park. In spite of a crowd of more than 70 frustrated golfers, a Park Board committee voted 5 to…

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Healing body and/or soul on Bloomington Avenue

BY DEBRA KEEFER RAMAGE Although primarily a residential avenue, Bloomington Avenue has a plethora of small businesses, quite a few of them dedicated to wellness of one kind or another. There are also a few venerable but unconventional churches on or near Bloomington, which adds up to many varied resources…

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